Department of Multicultural Services

Through individualized case management, job placement, academic guidance and follow-up support, JVS serves both newly arrived refugees who face the difficulties of learning a language and adapting to a new culture and face such obstacles as lack of education and skills, minimal job history and other barriers to employment.

JVS’ Department of Multicultural Services is funded through the County of Los Angeles, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society and the Jewish Federation Council of Los Angeles. 

A JVS Client Experience

Juliet Forson is a political asylee from Sierra Leone, who came to JVS through L.A. County's Refugee Employment Program. An established journalist in her country, she was an outspoken advocate for womens' rights in a highly traditional society and paid an unspeakable price for her courage. With the friendship, guidance and support she received from her JVS counselors, Juliet is on her way to a new career and a restored sense of hope.