JVS Veterans First Video Gallery

Made possible through generous funding from the California Employment Development Department - Workforce Accelerator Fund and Zip Intro Resumes, JVS is pleased to introduce you to talented job seekers from our Veterans First program. Each video introduction features a link to the client's resume.  To learn more about the JVS Veterans First Program, and how to hire these brave servicemen and women, please contact (310) 309-6000 and ask for the Veterans First program.

Expertise: Information Technology

Expertise: Problem Solving

Expertise: Sales

Expertise: Customer Support

Expertise: Engineering

Expertise: Distribution Manager

Expertise: Business Manager

Expertise: Marketing

Expertise: Human Resource Manager

Expertise: Engineering

Expertise: Health Care Administrator

Expertise: Telecommunications

Expertise: Education

Expertise: Security

Expertise: Administration

Expertise: Medical

Expertise: Education

Expertise: Production

Expertise: Executive Assistant

Expertise: Management

Expertise: Computer Programming

Expertise: Labor

Expertise: Finance

Expertise: Business Administrator

Expertise: Programming

Expertise: Education

Expertise: Biochemestry

Expertise: Marketing Communications